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Buffing a Car

A Bit About Us

Our Background

Since our founding, we’ve worked with numerous clients throughout the area. Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting only the best to join our team. We complete projects efficiently and on schedule, and go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with our clients.


What They’re Saying

Amazing job making a 21 year old truck look new again. To those on the fence about paint correction. The proof is in the results. It’s amazing!

My Jeep looked exactly like it did when I dove it off the lot when I picked it up! Maybe better. I did not hand him an easy job. I’m pretty rough on my Jeep, the dog is always in the back so there was HAIR EVERYWHERE!!! Not a hair to be found when it was done. I’m also in and out of construction sites on the regular and with a winter like this that means tons of mud. The outside was spotless it even felt smooth. Worth the money!

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